ABOUT – Smart Subdivisions

CHANGE isn’t always better… This time we think it is.

SMART SUBDIVISIONSTM accelerates subdivision designs and reduces construction costs through embedded “value engineering”.   These Smart processes have been successfully applied to all our projects representing thousands of acres and more than 10,000 lots.

SMART SUBDIVISIONSTM includes three components designed to produce a predictable outcome in a predictable timeframe:

SMART ROADS quickly and accurately calculates road profiles comprehensively for an entire community, with consideration for balancing the site grading and minimizing earth moving.

SMART SEWERS incorporates infrastructure cost and optimization techniques into traditional sewer design calculations to reduce construction costs and accelerate design comprehensively for an entire community.

SMART GRADE considers architectural and servicing costs in the grading design, thereby maximizing useable lot surface, eliminating dissatisfactory riser conditions and minimizing the need for undesirable embankments, retaining walls, and steep surfaces.

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