At DSEL, we created the proprietary SMART SUBDIVISIONS process to develop large scale subdivisions with enhanced speed and precision. This has allowed our engineers to work smarter.

A vital ingredient in the SMART SUBDIVISIONS process that cannot be overlooked, however, is our people.

Trained in our unique methodology, each individual role is designed to be strategic. Everyone at DSEL is encouraged to work at a level that is consistent with their knowledge and experience. Continuous learning is encouraged through internal training and mentoring and external technical and management courses. There are no corporate ceilings – only opportunities for those who wish to take up the next challenge. Consequently, we have some of the brightest engineers in the country and we are proud to have promoted several of them to be among the youngest managers in the profession.

Over the years, our entrepreneurial approach has fueled ongoing expansion, affording our engineers career stability, professional fulfillment and tremendous opportunities for growth.

DSEL is a fair and equal opportunity employer. We are committed to fair and accessible employment practices. We compensate our employees above industry standards. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package, which is updated regularly, taking into consideration the evolving nature of our employees’ needs. We recognize long term service, and never miss a reason to celebrate. We like to keep things interesting with surprise wandering magicians, puzzle contests or a lunchtime food truck!

We are constantly seeking skilled engineers to support our continued growth in Toronto, Ottawa, and most recently, Edmonton. Special emphasis is placed on technical competence, precise communication skills, high professional and ethical standards and a commitment to our customer service culture. Check back often for new job postings.

To learn more about what it’s like to work at our firm, please visit our Culture, Events and Health & Safety pages.

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