At DSEL, we take pride in our professional accomplishments. Our engineers walk around with smart phones filled with personal photos of the ponds, sewers and subdivisions they’ve been instrumental in delivering, to share with their friends and families. New hires have told us that they appreciate how their skills are valued and employed at a strategic level. The opportunity to work on large scale subdivisions with Canada’s largest and most successful developers and homebuilders provides a real sense of achievement. We’re an exciting, growth oriented firm, driven by entrepreneurial spirit.

Beyond the work itself, it’s the family feel that informs our culture. DSEL is a group of professionals who treat each other with respect. We are consistently friendly and helpful. Our leaders and managers are down-to-earth. They are supportive of their teams and make every effort to ensure that they are accessible for guidance and mentoring. At DSEL every individual matters and is given the opportunity to make a real impact.

While the culture fosters working smarter. It also fosters play:

  • As the saying goes, the team that plays together stays together. We play badminton and basketball weekly. Some employees bring their friends. Even people who used to work here still come out for the fun. For those inclined to be active on their own, but still stay plugged into the team spirit, we also have running groups.
  • For a more social type of play, we have a board game night, and our annual trip to Wonderland. We have participated in Build for Habitat, and Canstruction together. We also have a series of regular contests that our employees look forward to every year, including our infamous tomato growing contest and gingerbread house contest (winners choose where to direct our charitable contributions).
  • We also indulge in what can only be described as a culture of cake! No matter that we’ve grown, we never miss a birthday!
  • From Victoria Day through to Labour Day, we make every effort to begin long weekends early.
  • Our annual year-end party is second to none. From limo races – to renting a theatre to watch our own home-made movies – to a company wide trip to New York City, we have laughed a great deal together over the years.

If you are a skilled designer, project manager, project engineer or technician with specialized experience in residential subdivision design, you are invited to review job openings in our Toronto and Ottawa locations. Check back often for updates as well as for additional opportunities in Edmonton, where we are actively expanding our presence.

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